Hi and thank you for checking out this website archive.  I am honestly tired of what they call ‘music’ on the different am and fm radio stations. Plus, have you noticed that the number of commercials are increasing? These songs on this archive are just a sample of the music that I truly like. I have hundreds of record albums and almost as many CD’s to offer. I would really appreciate your feedback on what I do here. The phone number to call and leave a message any time day or night is 2893125359. You can also write to me at Request the songs that you want to hear. I will be back next month on the first Sunday of June. Take care until then. Len Jeffrey.

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  1. Well, what a pleasure! Had not heard some of these songs in years. Glad you named the artist on some, I was guessing and did okay. Interesting that you included the ladies. Sarah Vaughan and Nancy Wilson were two of my favorites. Look forward to the next installment. And now, back to the wedding. Take care,


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