The Last All-Johnny Mathis Music Program

Yes, you read it right. The number of people listening live to my program has dropped considerably so I have decided to drop the Johnny Mathis monthly program. I actually did not know that the archives were down for a week or more because something had happened to the website. Not one person emailed me to let me know about it. That means that no one was even listening to the archives. That also means that there is a falling out of listeners to Johnny’s music. Am I right? Anyway, I am concentrating on doing a monthly program playing the music of crooners-male and female, from the past and present.

I have really enjoyed meeting all of you wonderful people who continue to love Johnny’s singing and am thankful for all of the wonderful emails that you have sent to me. If there is a miracle [like someone offering me a huge chunk of money or dozens of new listeners who want an all-Johnny Mathis music program again] I will be back. Take care all of you good people. Please enjoy my last Mathis offering.  Len Jeffrey.

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