New song of Johnny’s

Hi. I was on the internet the other day and I came across the song ‘Behold How My Love loves Me’ by accident. It’s from the Broadway musical ‘The King And I’. Have you heard it before? Well I have not. I noticed that the person who put it up had no comments on his site so I wanted to write and thank him.  When I tried to post a comment it wanted my password for Google before I could do this. I had forgotten my password so I successfully changed it and when I tried to go back to his site , somehow I lost it! This is so frustrating. I tried to find it again by going to Google and typing in the song title. Well, no luck. Darn it!

Anyway I have the song and will be playing it for you on my next live broadcast on May 5. Sometime between 2pm eastern time and 3pm.

Do you know the site that I am writing about and if so please let me know it. I really was surprized that there were no comments there. I was a little excited at first thinking that I was going to be the very first person to leave a comment. Oh well. See you this Sunday beginning at 2pm eastern at  Len.

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