Hi and welcome to this latest archive of my live music program featuring the music of the 50’s and up. I’m happy to present this program to you because I really do love the music. Hopefully you will too. I have quite the collection of songs- #1  60’s hits and all sorts of others. If you are having trouble in locating a song just ask me to search for it for you. I would be happy to.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Do I talk too much. Things like that. Please let me know where you are listening from. And please let your friends know about my weekly offering of music. They might thank you for it.

Last week I mentioned that I would be giving away a free bottle of spices that I have been blending for over twenty years. It’s available to anyone who has not tried them yet and who lives close by. So far the spices are still available. There’s never any salt or msg added and they are for all your meals. They are not just for barbecuing.  We use them in salads, with fish, all kinds of meat and soups as well. They are great for people on a low salt diet. Please check them out. The web address is bbqgolddust.com. Write to me at oshawarocks@hotmail.com. I’ll be back live next Monday night beginning at 8PM eastern time. Enjoy the program! Len.

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