Hi and welcome to this latest archived broadcast of my favourite music. What a varied selection of music it is. I am sorry for the distorted sound. I will be more aware of the levels in the future. Each week there are more people listening in and I would love it if you were to let your friends know about what I am doing here. I am actually pretending that this is a real -over the air- radio station. I have always wanted to work in broadcasting but, except for a short time at a radio station in Oshawa, Ontario following a log and putting various recorded shows on, that’s as far as I got. Oh, and for a few months back in 1993 I was a ‘pirate’ radio broadcaster. Not quite legal. I shut it down immediately when I was warned not to continue. [any real radio station people want to hire me?] Anyway, I look forward to each Monday evening to watch as the listeners click on and enjoy these songs along with me. With the risk of repeating myself, I only ask that you let your friends know about this.

By the way, if you were to request the newspaper articles about me-the pirate- just write to and I will send them to you via email. Please enjoy and see you next Monday evening! Len.



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