Rock and Romance- My Pretend Radio Station!

Hi and welcome to my make-believe ‘radio station’. I have always wished that I was a radio announcer. It did not work out for me but this is as close as I can get to working at a real radio station. I am having fun with this site because I am able to play all of my favourite songs. Plus there are so many new ones from the past that I have never heard before. I have always wished that the radio stations would play other songs by my favourite artists but, of course, the stations just played what was popular at the time. I wanted to hear ‘side two’ of the records. Anyway, here I am presenting music each Monday night and this web site is becoming more and more popular because people just like you must be letting their friends know.

So what I present each Monday night starting at 8pm eastern is music from the 50’s and up.  I also started playing all country music beginning at 7:30 until 8pm Monday nights. I hope to expand on the country music time by a half hour too. The country music program has proven to be quite popular. If you have a request for any song-just write to me at Also, I am always looking for other things to put up here on Oshawa Rocks. If you have an idea of something that I can add here, like for instance, a friend of yours is a musician or singer and has mp3 files to send in to me, just write to let me know. Anyone can also send in a whole ‘show’ of their own too.

Write or call in and leave a voice message any time at 2893125359.

On an unrelated topic, I also have written well over 100 short fictional stories for children and young adults that I really wish I could get noticed. Are you able to help me out with this? I would be happy to send you a few of my stories. There are a couple that would be good as Hallowe’en stories and others as Christmas stories.

So, take for now and remember that the next live broadcast begins Monday October 7, 2019 starting at 7:30 with all-country music. Len Jeffrey.

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