Hello once again and welcome to you if you have not been here before. My name is Len and I operate a pretend ‘radio station’ where I play my favourite music from the 50’s and up. Yes, as you can tell from the word ‘favourite’ I am Canadian. As a matter of fact I ‘broadcast’ live each Monday night from Oshawa, Ontario which is just 40 minutes from Toronto. Anyway, please enjoy my humble offering of music and unintentional errors. I only ask that you let as many people know about what I am doing as possible. And before I forget, if you would like me to promote your business by doing a 30 second commercial here, just send me the information. Is a special occasion coming up for someone you know? A birthday, for instance? I’l play a special song and mention that person’s name if you wish. All at no cost, of course.   ***There was about a 5-10 minute space of dead air at the beginning here, please be patient or jump ahead to the 10:58 mark below.  That’s when the country music really starts.   Thanks! Len.


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