Get ready for Rock and Romance for November 4, 2019 coming up!

It will officially begin at 8pm eastern time Monday night. But I must ask you to stop right now and let your friends know about it. It seems that each week I have the same number of listeners and I only ask that it increases even by one listener every week. That’s all. I am not asking you for monetary donations, just your help in letting others know about this website. [of course, donations would really help me out too!]

I really look forward to Mondays. I know that it’s hard to believe. Most people really hate Mondays but I don’t. I end up hearing music that I haven’t heard before and it’s because I have recently acquired the songs. Thousands of them! I click on a song and never really know what it will be. So get ready to possibly hear a song or two that you haven’t heard before or in a very long time.

And what about those radio jingles that I play you might ask? Growing up in Toronto I listened to CHUM 1050 radio and I loved it. I loved the music and the contests and the corny jokes of the announcers. Everyone had their favourite announcer. Mine was Jay Nelson.

So make sure to listen in and let your internet friends know about the guy who has an internet radio station and plays the promos of a now long gone radio station. It may be weird but the music is great! Len Jeffrey.

[this Monday night I will be giving away a CD of Diana Krall’s music]

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