Hi once again and welcome to this latest archive of most of my favourite music from the 50’s and 60’s. I am starting with an apology for going a bit crazy Monday night.  I was tired before I started and as I watched the number of listeners dwindle I thought that I might shut the broadcast down early but then a very curious thing happened. More and more people clicked on really late in the broadcast. There were as many listeners as when I first started at around 8pm. Also, I ask but no one writes to me! I don’t know what you want in terms of upbeat songs or slower ones. Never any requests. I want to know where you are listening from. Also, I still have the CD for anyone who requests it. It called ‘The Look Of Love’ by Diana Krall. Anyway I will return with more great 50’s and 60’s music next Monday night at the same time.

If you would like me to do a short 30 second commercial free of charge to advertise your business for example, just ask. Write to Check me out on Facebook at Len Jeffrey. I must thank the people at and .com for the CHUM 1050 samples and information. See you on Monday. Len Jeffrey.


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