Hello and welcome to this rather unusual music presentation. Tonight I combined the music of the 50’s and 60’s with old country music and it worked quite well as far as I could see. Not all of the country music was old country. Some songs were recent but I hope the listeners liked all of the music that I presented.

I mentioned that I watch YouTube videos and especially the ones on the ‘Slapped Ham’ site. I wanted to mention that I have lately ‘discovered’ full movies on You Tube.  You probably have known about them years ago. I have a way of watching them without any commercials interrupting the movies and then the movies continue after the commercial ends. Very annoying! But if you are interested in how I do this, just write to me. It’s totally legal and free. My email address is

Also, I want to thank for the audio sound clips of CHUM am radio.

Shown below is my ‘business card’. If you wish I can send you an autographed one. [Much clearer, of course] Just send me your address. Who knows? Maybe one day they’ll be worth something! [I really am a dreamer!}

See you next Monday night December 2. Len.


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