Hello once again and welcome to this latest archive of some great country and rock and roll music. First off I want to let you know that, as I mentioned when I was live,  I do not make any money operating this website. I rely on the listeners to donate whatever they wish so that I can keep this going.

You can really help me out by donating any amount that you can afford or if you are not able to, please let your media friends, family and even co-workers know about this site. Heck, I let strangers know about it. What if I were to send you a bunch of Oshawa Rocks business cards?

I also mentioned that I would be happy to send you photos of the Oshawa rocks studio plus other interesting items at no cost. Just drop me a line at oshawarocks@hotmail.com requesting them. Be sure to tell me where you’re writing in from. I’ll be back next Monday night at the same time-8pm eastern.

Now enjoy the music! Len.


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