Hi and welcome once again to the archive of my live music program. Please let a friend know about this website so that I will see the numbers of listeners increase each week. It it happening very slowly and I am grateful for that. Remember that I have a contest on where the winner gets one of my preamps that allows a dynamic microphone to work with the phantom power from an audio mixer, for example. Just write me at oshawarocks@hotmail.com and I will place your name along with others for a chance to win. This preamp is almost identical to one called ‘ The cloud Lifter’. I know that anyone who is a musician and/or has a recording studio knows what these are. The manufactures ones sell close to $200.00 and your chance is a good chance of winning this for yourself or a musician friend. Just ask her or him and you will find out what I am talking about.



Now enjoy the music for this week and see you next Monday night beginning at 8pm eastern time. Len Jeffrey.


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