Are you wondering what the item pictured below is? It’s the preamp used with a low output dynamic microphone. I completed it a couple of days ago. It’s used for boosting the output level of a microphone so that the sound is louder and the noise level is lower. There’s no need to increase the gain control on your mixer. There are at least a couple of manufactured products out there [‘cloud lifter’ and ‘fet head’] that sell for an average cost of $200-$230 but you have a chance to win this one made and tested by me on June 1 by simply sending your name and address to Your information will go into a drum along with the names of others and one will be chosen on air. It has a female XLR input jack and a male XLR output jack. The preamp is powered by the phantom power coming from a mixer. Of course the phantom power’s voltage does not get to the microphone. I have been putting off using my ribbon microphone because I needed to increase the gain level on my mixer and this, of course, brought up the noise level. But after connecting the ribbon mic to my preamp- what a world of difference!! I could hardly believe it. Sitting over a foot away from the mic sounds as though I am three inches away from it. You will be listening to me from now on as I use boosters on the microphones at Oshawa Rocks. I call them ‘fet-lifters’. Your chances of being chosen so far are excellent because NO ONE has sent their names in to us. Even if you don’t know what the item is all about maybe you have a friend who has a recording studio who would certainly know about these items. It will be mailed to you at no cost. Let your musician friends know about this contest. [note to my friends: no friends or co-workers  are eligible to enter the contest] Remember-June 1 is fast approaching!


The heading above mentions the upcoming Monday night broadcast and of course I will mention that. It starts as usual at 8pm eastern time and runs until 10pm. Please ask a friend to listen in along with you. You love the music-why not let your friends enjoy it as well?

How would you or someone you know like to help us out with a short audio promo? It’s easy. I am looking for voices to do short 10-20 second promos for Oshawa Rocks. All you need do is say something like “I listen to Oshawa” That’s it. Send an mp3 file to with your promo and hear yourself on Oshawa Rocks!

Thanks! Len.


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