‘A Little Bit Of Country And A Little Bit of Rock And Roll’ That’s exactly right. A balance of great music every Monday night starting at 8pm eastern time. Please tell your friends about this different kind of web site. The operator [yours truly] is a bit odd I realize. I have always wanted to be on a real radio station and for about a year I ran a pirate station from the basement of my house. It didn’t reach very far, maybe a mile, but it was fun. As it so happened a newspaper reporter happened to tune in and phoned me to ask questions. [yes, I regularly gave out my home phone number] I knew that my pirating¬† days would soon be over. Soon after a photographer from the newspaper came over and took a couple of pictures of me wearing a mask. I thought that there would be a small story somewhere in the paper but I was on the front page! I guess it was a slow news day for them. And that was when I was ‘middle-aged’ as they reported. Now that I am even older I still get a kick out of playing music for people who listen in to hear it. That’s my story. Please enjoy the ‘show’ here on my website along with my mistakes, of course! Listening to this archive I notice a lot of distortion which I will correct next Monday. Len.

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