Oshawa Rocks Archive For August 10, 2020

Hi. First-off let me tell you about the contest for the Barrel Booster. It normally sells for $50.00. Its purpose is to allow low impedance dynamic microphones to operate using the phantom power from your mixer. It also boosts the level by at least 25db. So if you have a Shure SM7B microphone which¬† is known for its extremely low output signal, for example, this booster takes care of it beautifully and without added noise. For the contest you must write in to oshawarocks@hotmail.com requesting the chance to win a booster. That’s it! The draw takes place live next Monday night between 8 and 10 pm eastern time on this site.

Another thing to remember is that all messages are to be sent to that same address-oshawarocks@hotmail.com, while I am ‘on the air’. Not through Facebook! Or phone in at 289-3125359. Enjoy the music of August 10, 2020 by clicking on to the title above. Len.

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