Archive for July 27, 2020


Hi once again and welcome to the latest archive of country and rock songs. I am here each Monday night with an assortment of great songs that I know you will enjoy. Please let as many of your friends know about this website where you can ‘get away’ from the problems of the world for at least a couple of hours each week. And remember that you can send in your music to be played here. The email address is You can also leave a phone message anytime day or night. 2893125359.    Enjoy!  Len. [the music starts automatically at the 17 second mark after you click  on the title above]

[also, that photo above left is me behind the mask when I was ‘caught’ operating a pirate radio station a number of years ago. The photo on the right is a photo of a microphone preamp used to boost the level of low output ribbon and dynamic mics using the phantom voltage in your audio mixer to power the preamp. Write to me for more information]


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