Hi and welcome to this latest archive of my regular Monday night ‘broadcast’. I know that you will like the selection of tunes. All that I ask of you is to let others know about ‘Oshawa’s best-kept sectret’. I say that because I have been doing this for over a dozen years and the people of Oshawa don’t seem totake notice. I have offered this site to local musicians and, although some have sent me their music, I thought that many more would make use of this opportunity to further spread their talents. Also, a couple of years ago I wrote to the newspaper outlets here in Oshawa telling them about this website but there was no reply. But the number of listeners has slowly increased in numbers and that is really why I continue to do this. There is something else that I have done. I have written over one hundred short fictional stories. Most can be found on this web site-vocal.media/stories. This is the second way that you can help me out. Please read and click on the heart symbol of my stories. By the way a few are Christmas-related stories. Now please enjoy the music. The country tunes start at the 56 mark below. Len Jeffrey.




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