May 10 2023 Archive

Hello every one! If this is your first time checking out this website I am so happy to welcome you here. I am live each Wednesday night with music that I hope will entertain you. You can see the many archives that are here. Please check them out and tell your friends about my humble endeavor. I am just outside of Toronto, Canada and I love the music that I play. You are welcome to add to this site by sending me your music or talk program. Just write to with your idea. Thanks! Len Jeffrey. [oh, I forgot to add that I also blend a special food spice that has 12 ingredients with no salt or msg added. BBQ gold Dust spices is what I call them. You can add them to just about everything food related. From meats to soups and salads. PLUSĀ  I have written well over 120 short fictional stories that I would be happy to email to you. PLUS I do electronic repairs mainly musical instruments such as microphones, mic mixers, speakerĀ  cabinets, guitar effects pedals and so much more. If you mention Oshawa Rocks internet radio to me, then there is no charge for small repairs.]



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